Thursday, July 6, 2017

Reaching out to your staff

How do you reach out to your campus staff as an Ed Tech Coach? 

This past school year, I read numerous blogs, emails, and tweets, gathering information and developing a Tech Tidbits Smore every week to share technology tools with my teachers. In the beginning, I had fairly good results; however, as the year progressed, the number of people reading the Tech Tidbits dwindled. How do you keep your staff active? Do you use Badging or Gamification? I have teachers that want me to focus on only one topic per Tech Tidbit and others that enjoy the variety that I currently offer. How do you meet the diverse needs of your teachers? Technology support is top priority this year because this is the first year that my students will have their own Chromebook!!! 

Do you have a PD system that works for you? Is your training online, in person, or a mix of both? Do you make your videos, so they are personalized or do you find ready-made videos to share? My plan is to offer online videos with a Google Form questionnaire to fill out afterwards. I want to be able to send an automatic response whether they pass or fail the questions. I will also have face-to-face sessions. Now, I guess the biggest question is "where do I start"... I feel like I need a "How-to" to make a "How-to". 

Here is to a productive new school year!!! Good luck with all of your endeavors. :)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Roller Coaster ride of being a Campus Tech

Wow - a month has already passed and it's time for another post!

I am a Campus Technology Specialist at the high school level. Being a Campus Tech is a roller coaster ride of emotions... some days are great - the tasks are easy and you feel successful in your position. Other days - oh, those other days - you know the ones... When you are beating your head against the wall... Slideshows and spreadsheets don't work correctly and you can't figure out the problem... You are frustrated, the teachers you are helping are frustrated... you all are ready to throw in the towel! You overhear those comments about not using technology... Yet, you hang on for one more try... another computer does the trick! Really?!? That is all that it took?

Suddenly that frustration turns to laughter. Sometimes, that is my job... the good days and the bad days... it works here, it doesn't work there. There is no rhyme or reason. I often joke that I have a magic wand when things go right. When they don't, I accidentally left my wand at home. I guess it is a good thing that I love roller coasters.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Blogging Buddies

About a week ago, I saw this tweet about a Blogging Buddies group. I thought what better way to start blogging than to be involved in a challenge style setting with a support group... Right? Well... I have waited about a week trying come up with a great topic...and I had to fall back on one of their suggested ideas. :) I'm going to start with a post about Blogging Buddies!

There are only a few guidelines for the Blogging Buddies program - You have to agree to the following:
  • Post at least once per month
  • Offer feedback to all others in my group at least once per month
  • Practice best digital citizenship
  • Use LARA method - Listen (or read), Affirm, Respond, Add (this one is new to me)

So far, I have joined ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), which is a move I needed to make because of the great resources available. I have also joined several of the PLNs offered through ISTE, one of which is the ISTE Ed Tech Coaches PLN which is hosting the Blogging Buddies. I got my email today with my team members, four other Ed Tech Coaches that will go through this process with me. All-in-all, there are 50 Ed Tech Coaches participating. I am scared and excited at the same time. Some have awesome blogs and some have blogs like mine - in the infancy stage. My goals is to not only promote professional growth as an Ed Tech Coach but to model it, also. I don't think I should "preach" blogging if I don't "practice" blogging. Anyone else want to join me on this adventure into the wonderful world of blogging?